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Cycle and Carriage (1899)

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1899: Penubuhan Cycle and Carriage

“In the High Street in Kuala Lumpur in 1899, Chua Cheng Tuan and Chua Cheng Bok sold haberdashery, bicycles, sewing machines, and carriages. This was still the age of the horse-carriages for the rich, gharries for the poor, the bullock cart and the ricksha. They quickly grasped the opportunities offered by the beginning of the motor age. Under Cheng Bok's vigorous leadership Cycle and Carriage opened branches in Ipoh, Penang and Singapore. The author says that Cheng Bok had a remarkable gift for combining sound Chinese business instinct and practice with Western-style management and corporate structure. - Alex Josey” (New Nation, 24 August 1975, Page 32: |"The wheeler- dealers").

1906: Pembukaan Cawangan Ipoh

“The Ipoh Branch was started in the year 1906 and now carries on an extensive business in its own premises in Brewster Street.” (Malaya Tribune, 3 May 1926, Page 3: |"Page 3 Advertisements Column 1").

1914: Pembukaan Cawangan Pulau Pinang

“The Penang Branch was opened in 1914 and also owns its own premises (three storeyed with an electric lift to take cars to the top of the building in Bishop Street.” (Malaya Tribune, 3 May 1926, Page 3: |"Page 3 Advertisements Column 1").

1916: Pembukaan Cawangan Singapura

“The Singapore Branch was opened in the year 1916 in the premises now occupied by the Company in Orchard Road. These premises are also three storeyed with an electric lift and are complete with the latest machinery for motor repairing.” (Malaya Tribune, 3 May 1926, Page 3: |"Page 3 Advertisements Column 1").

1926: Penubuhan The Cycle & Carriage Berhad

Penubuhan The Cycle & Carriage Co., Limited bagi mengambilalih syarikat Cycle and Carriage: “The Subscription List will open on Monday the 3rd day of May, 1926, and close on or before Thursday the 13th day of May, 1926 at the option of the Directors. The Directors reserve the right to close the Subscription List at any time. THE CYCLE & CARRIAGE CO., (1926) LIMITED. … PROSPECTUS: The well-known business of the Cycle and Carriage Co., Ltd., of Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Singapore and Penang, which this Company has been formed to acquire and carry on, was founded in the year 1899 by Messrs. Chua Cheng Bok, Chua Cheng Tuan, Chua Cheng Hee, Chua Cheng Hock and Chua Cheng Liat, and originally commenced business in High Street, Kuala Lumpur. The business increased very rapidly and in 1904 the present premises on High Street and Market Square, Kuala Lumpur, belonging to Mr. Chua Cheng Bok, were rented on advantageous terms and the business continued to extend. Arrangements have been made for a lease of the premises for a period of three years commencing from January 1st, 1926. … In the year 1918 the business was turned into a Private Limited Company with a capital of $250,000 but owing to its continued expansion, the magnitude of the undertaking has so largely increased that the Vendors consider that the business could now be carried on more efficiently as a Public Company.” (Malaya Tribune, 3 May 1926, Page 3: |"Page 3 Advertisements Column 1").

1969: Pameran Sempena Ulang Tahun ke-150 Singapura

“Marking the memorable event of Singapore's 150th Anniversary, we look back with pride to our own beginnings - we also look forward to the bountiful years ahead, determined to continue to play our part in building a successful future for Singapore. See the world's first automobile - specially made available from the famous Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart - displayed at the Central Pavilion. See also the latest member of the Mercedes-Benz family - the 250CE Coupe, with electronically controlled fuel injection engine - at our stand.” (The Straits Times, 1 August 1969, Page 7: |"Page 7 Advertisements Column 2").

1984: Ulang Tahun ke-85

Iklan sempena ulang tahun ke-85 Cycle and Carriage: “The year is 1984. Cycle and Carriage is now a quoted company, after 85 years of steady growth. It is today a major motor vehicle distributor, with the exclusive franchise for both Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi. Cycle and Carriage is also the holding company for a diverse range of operations. Its business interests include Property, Finance, Trade, Manufacturing and Hotels.” (The Straits Times, 15 June 1984, Page 13: |"Page 13 Advertisements Column 1").

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